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The joy of giving and sharing

Are you looking for solutions?
“Question everything” Albert Einstein Why? Because in questions lie the answers. On this medallion, you can find your 5 most important questions, which means: your answers. The surprising way to achieve your goals.
Thanks to this symbolic jewelry you have access to “the greatest school of life” applied by the biggest personalities of all centuries.

Our mission is to spread nature’s wisdom called “Laws of success” to empower each person to achieve goals and to develop a deep awareness to protect our planet and its 5 elements.

Join us! We care!

Bracelet in black or blue color is representing the 1st element in Constructive Cycle – water and its 1st question is why? (water makes wood grow.)

What is your Element? Depends on your last number in your birth year: If this is 2 or 3, you are a water element.



Category : Unisex bracelet or necklace with one round

Bracelet : Cord : black color

Width bracelet: 0.3 CM

Medallion : Silver Tin

Diameter : 2.2 cm

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