5 Elements Jewelry in zamac pendant or necklace Soleil


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Constructive 5 Elements Jewelry
The joy of giving and sharing

The « Constructive 5 Elements Cycle » jewelry collection is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, called also « laws of success ».
This wisdom is the answer for the human quest to succeed and to create wealth. Modern neuroscience has confirmed this ancient law.
Desi Devino, the designer of this jewelry collection, has engraved this instructions on medallions. The collection is organic, modern, innovative and infused with this ancient law. Our mission is to spread nature’s wisdom, to empower each person to achieve goals and to develop a deep awareness to protect our planet and its 5 elements.
Join us! We care.


Dim: 90mm

Length : Modulable

Medallion C5ES : Silver Tin
Diameter : 2.2 cm


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