Bracelet/Pendant 5 Elements Jewelry- silver leather/ gray leather Svarowski cristals ***



« Constructive 5 Elements Cycle » – eternal « low of success » engraved and presented as a Modern and innovative jewelry (based on Feng shui philosophy).

Bracelet in gray color is the 5th element – metal and its question is How? Water makes wood grow. What is your Element ?: depends on your last number in your birth year: If this is 0 or 1, you are a metal element.


Category : Unisex bracelet or necklace with three rounds

Bracelet : Leather gray color with Svarowski cristals

Width bracelet: Calfskin 0.5 CM

Medallion : Silver Tin

Diameter : 2.2 cm

Clasp : Pewter magnetic clasp with security

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